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In January 2015 Trucking Leaders was founded as a subsidiary of Ewals Cargo Care, offering a solution to the market demand of high quality and best cost trucking capacity.

The Trucking Leaders network is organized from a European Control Tower with 50 experienced planners who guarantee a 24/7 operational follow up. 

All trucks have track & trace systems that give complete transparency of our fleet. Furthermore they are equipped with scanners that can instantly scan CMR and other documents so they are immediately available for customers, who can communicate the information to their clients.

Own Trucking

Hundreds of modern trucks in one solid centrally controlled network

in House education

Digital learning, close quality follow up and regular testing of our drivers to maintain the highest of standards

24/7 Follow Up

24/7 Follow up of our equipment and your business.

Track and Trace

The opportunity to truly know where your product is at any given time. Transparency is key.