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Trucking Leaders is a reliable capacity provider, that acts conform the European Legislation and pays a lot of attention to the welfare of drivers.


We have a mix of own trucks and trucks of subcontractors in a modern and well-maintained fleet with a professional and uniform appearance.


The Trucking Leaders network is organized from a European Control Tower with 50 experienced, English speaking planners. We guarantee 24/7 follow-up en transparency of transports and our planners are able to give continuous status updates at all times due to strict follow up. Our trucks are equipped with on-board computers and scanners, which make CMR consignments immediately available to you and enable you to communicate the information to your clients instantly. Furthermore we use GeoFencing to define geographical locations and to send alerts to planners, reducing human errors and making better/faster decisions.


With in-house education of our drivers we can help them achieve our standards and are also less vulnerable to market developments. We use instruction videos, a trainings trailer and a driver knowledge test in our digital E-learning environment to help our drivers achieve the standards we have set.


In house education

Digital learning, close quality follow up and regular testing of our drivers to maintain the highest of standards.


Own trucking

Hundreds of modern trucks in one solid centrally controlled network.

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24/7 follow up

24/7 Follow up of our equipment and your business.

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Track and Trace

The opportunity to truly know where your product is at any given time. Transparency is key.

Why Trucking Leaders?

Vast experience
24/7 Follow up
Modern equipment
Part of Ewals Group

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Trucking Leaders

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