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Trucking Leaders Subcontractors

We strive for long lasting cooperations and we make no difference between own trucks and trucks of subcontractors.  All trucks are integrated in our modern and well-maintained fleet with a professional and uniform appearance. We also take good care of our drivers with the latest modern equipment and excellent facilities.

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How do we work?
All drivers receive in-house training before they start to help them achieve our standards. Trucks are equipped with on-board computers which enable direct communication between planners and drivers and CMR consignments are only provided on request. We offer automatic payment via credit notes, structured payments and advanced payments are possible on commission.
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What do we offer?
As a trucking partner you can benefit from fuel cards and Toll cards and we can help you to reclaim foreign taxes. We offer insurance under the Trucking Leaders policy, a break-down service, regular maintenance,  tire service and we also offer competitively priced used trucks.

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Own Trucking

Hundreds of modern trucks in one solid centrally controlled network

in House education

Digital learning, close quality follow up and regular testing of our drivers to maintain the highest of standards

24/7 Follow Up

24/7 Follow up of our equipment and your business.

Track and Trace

The opportunity to truly know where your product is at any given time. Transparency is key.